Piletitasku Terms of Use

Piletitasku (Ticket Pocket) is a ticket sales environment that mediates the sale of tickets and gift cards for events organized by third parties (hereinafter organizer). These Terms of Use apply when purchasing tickets and gift cards at www.piletitasku.ee (hereinafter Piletitasku).

The provider of Piletitasku’s services is AS Delfi Meedia, registry code 10586863; registered office Narva mnt. 13, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia.

Contact details

Telephone: +372 6698000

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.piletitasku.ee



  • Venue means the location at which the event takes place. Piletitasku’s website provides a list of venues for which event tickets are sold.
  • Calendar means a temporal view of events that enables an event to be searched by day, month, and year.
  • User means a registered or unregistered user that purchased a ticket or a gift card on Piletitasku’s website.
  • Terms of use means the terms and conditions of using Piletitasku’s website.
  • Account means a user account on Piletitasku’s website under which the user can view their purchase history.
  • Organizer means the organizer of an event – a third person that organizes events, the description of which can be viewed and/or tickets and gift cards for which can be purchased on Piletitasku’s website.
  • Ticket means a paper ticket issued by Piletitasku on the relevant original form or an e-ticket in PDF format that guarantees entrance to the relevant event for the person presenting the ticket.
  • Piletitasku means the website at www.piletitasku.ee.
  • Piletitasku sales point means the place where paper tickets and gift cards for events mediated by Piletitasku can be purchased.
  • Event means a concert, show, trade fair, conference, sports competition, exhibition, contest, seminar, training course, or other event organized by the organizer, for which a ticket needs to be purchased.

Piletitasku’s services

  • Piletitasku’s website enables purchases of event passes, i.e. tickets and gift cards.
  • Event ticket information on Piletitasku’s website is based on information obtained from the organizer.
  • Piletitasku mediates the sale of tickets on behalf of the event organizer and is not liable for the organization, taking place, quality, or advertising of events or promises given by the organizer. The organizer’s information is provided for each event.
  • To purchase a ticket, the user must select the desired event, choose the ticket type and quantity, and agree to Piletitasku’s Terms of Use.
  • Tickets can be purchased both by registered users and unregistered users.
    • For unregistered users a one-off account is created to provide access to the tickets until the event takes place. After the event has taken place, such one-off accounts are deleted.
    • Registered users have an account on Piletitasku’s website under which the user can view their purchase history.
  • Both registered and unregistered users can give their consent to receive event information by e-mail. Such consent may be withdrawn at any time by clicking the withdrawal link provided in the relevant e-mail.
  • Immediately after a purchase is made, Piletitasku sends the purchased tickets as a PDF file to the e-mail address entered by the user.
  • Personal data processed in the case of purchasing tickets and gift cards include the user’s name, e-mail address, and other information required to make the payment.
  • Piletitasku’s sales point is located in Delfi Meedia’s service box on the first floor at Narva mnt. 13, Tallinn, Estonia.

Piletitasku’s rights and obligations

  • Piletitasku has the right to refrain from sending tickets and/or gift cards if payment has not been made for the purchase.
  • Piletitasku has the right to limit the number of tickets that can be purchased (e.g. with shopping cart settings) or to cancel purchase transactions involving ticket quantities that exceed the maximum number permitted.
  • Piletitasku is not obligated to buy back tickets or to reimburse purchased tickets in any other manner if the event is canceled, postponed, or replaced, or the venue of the event is changed etc. The organizer is liable for ticket buyback and/or reimbursement.
  • Piletitasku undertakes to notify users at the first opportunity on the organizer’s behalf of changes in the terms and conditions of any event. Corresponding notices are sent to the user’s e-mail known to Piletitasku.
  • Piletitasku undertakes to conclude an agreement on the supply of ticket sales services with the organizer.

User’s rights and obligations

  • By purchasing a ticket or a gift card on Piletitasku’s website, the user confirms the following:
    • they submitted true and correct information as pertaining to their person;
    • they adhere to Piletitasku’s Terms of Use;
    • upon concluding transactions, they are at least 18 years of age and are a person with active legal capacity (a person under 18 years of age confirms that they have their legal representatives’ consent and monetary means to use Piletitasku’s website);
    • they undertake to notify Piletitasku of any technical or other issues related to the website by e-mailing [email protected] or calling +372 6698000;
    • they undertake to review and adhere to the relevant terms and conditions prescribed by the organizer and published for each event on Piletitasku’s website. For security reasons, organizers may restrict objects permitted at venues, prescribe age restrictions and special terms, e.g. as related to allowing pets and alcohol at a venue, or prescribe additional fees and charges;
    • they retain their ticket until the end of the event;
    • their paper ticket is intact and can be checked;
    • they refrain from intervening in whichever manner and by whichever means in the functioning and technical solutions of Piletitasku’s website. Any activity that may cause overloading or functional interruptions of Piletitasku’s website is prohibited. Monitoring (surveillance, enumeration) of Piletitasku’s usage and copying, reproducing, using, amending, and disclosing any data or information obtained for whichever purpose is prohibited.
  • Upon purchasing discounted tickets, Piletitasku does not verify whether the purchaser qualifies for the discount (incl. based on a student card and/or a pension certificate). The right to enter an event under concessionary terms is verified on-site at the venue.
  • Third persons do not have the right without Piletitasku’s prior written consent to reproduce (copy), distribute, forward, or translate Piletitasku’s website or parts thereof or include the website in other databases, make extracts from or use Piletitasku’s website in any other manner.
  • By purchasing a ticket, the user confirms that they are aware that they are not subject to the right to withdraw from the sales agreement within 14 days ( 53 (4) 72) of the Republic of Estonia Law of Obligations Act).
  • Users have the right to have their account deleted by notifying Piletitasku thereof in a format enabling written reproduction.
    • All such accounts which are not related to an event taking place in the future are deleted at the first opportunity. In other cases, the account is deleted after the last relevant event has taken place.
    • After an account has been deleted it is no longer possible to restore it or obtain information on transactions related to it.
  • Users have the right to demand that their personal data be no longer processed and their personal data collected be deleted in adherence to the relevant data protection terms and conditions available at piletitasku.ee/et/privacy-policy, and to review our cookie policies at piletitasku.ee/et/cookie-policy.

Filing complaints

  • Piletitasku forwards all complaints related to an event and an organizer to the relevant organizer. Piletitasku only handles complaints related to the functioning of Piletitasku’s website.
  • If an event is cancelled or its time, venue, or artist is changed or the event is replaced by another event, the organizer’s liability applies. If the organizer so decides, Piletitasku buys back all or some of the tickets sold.
  • In the case of ticket buyback, Piletitasku refunds the cost of the ticket to the back account related to the transaction within no later than seven (7) working days after the publication of a corresponding notice. Piletitasku’s service charge will not be refunded to the user.
  • Piletitasku is not liable for any content, comments, and other information added to Piletitasku’s website by the organizer. Piletitasku’s website may contain references and links to online information from around the world. Piletitasku does not verify information contained in such websites and is not liable for their content.

Service charges

  • Piletitasku’s service charge is added to the price of each ticket purchased.
  • If the event relates to other inevitable surcharges (e.g. service charge of the venue, restaurant charge etc.), such surcharges are added to the ticket price and Piletitasku’s service charge.
  • By paying the Piletitasku’s service charge, the user confirms that they have reviewed and accept all of the terms and conditions prescribed by Piletitasku and the organizer.
  • Piletitasku’s service charge is non-refundable irrespective of whether the event takes place or is changed.

Final provisions

  • Piletitasku has the right to unilaterally amend the terms of use of the relevant environment, publishing the new wording on Piletitasku’s website.
  • Legal relationships between Piletitasku and the user resulting from the use of Piletitasku’s website are subject to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. Disputes arising from these Terms of Use are resolved by way of negotiations. If a dispute cannot be resolved in negotiations, the dispute is resolved pursuant to the procedure prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia; in the case of a body corporate user, before Harju County Court. A user that is a consumer may also contact the Consumer Disputes Committee.