Piletitasku (Ticket Pocket) joins forces with the organizer in making sure event ticket sales are a success.

The only ticket sales venue whose commission includes additional visibility in media outlets.


PILETITASKU’s objectives

➔Provision of a more convenient platform for organizers - no need to store tickets in more than one place!

➔Guaranteed coverage of your event - content marketing articles and media visibility!

➔Events not available anywhere else - exclusive right of sale!


PILETITASKU’s strengths

➔Good reputation and reliability of Delfi Meedia AS

➔Marketing support by delfi.ee and 11 hard copy publications by Delfi Meedia

➔Fast and simple input

➔Quick response to changes

➔Seating views from sectors/rows


➔Preparation of a comprehensive marketing plan (incl. Google and social media)

➔Partnership with Latvia’s largest ticket sales venue www.bilesuparadize.lv


Quick and convenient search system

  • Events by same organizer
  • Events at same venue
  • Venue based view

Fast and simple input

E-mail us at [email protected] to request your tickets to be put on the market in Piletitasku’s environment and be ready for sales to start in only a day!

Piletitasku is visible on delfi.ee

  • Piletitasku is represented with an event list on delfi.ee’s home page.
  • Piletitasku’s online advertisements of different events are visible on a daily basis on delfi.ee.
  • Piletitasku’s printed advertisements of different events are published on a daily basis in Delfi Meedia’s hardcopy publications (newspapers Eesti Ekspress, Maaleht, Eesti Päevaleht and LP and 11 magazines, including Anne&Stiil, Eesti Naine, OmaMaitse, Pere&Kodu, Maakodu, Kroonika).

Preparation of a comprehensive marketing plan (incl. Google and social media)

  • Geomarketing
  • The content creation and special solutions agency Delfi Meedia was established to assist customers in finding new, exciting, and alternative outputs and options next to more traditional advertising solutions: https://ekspressmeedia.ee/reklaam/agentuur/

Piletitasku already has the seating charts for the following venues in Tallinn:

  • KUMU’s auditorium
  • St. John’s Church (Jaani kirik)
  • Saku Suurhall
  • We will create a seating chart for your venue as quickly as in 10 minutes to one working day.

Prices and payment

  • Piletitasku’s commission for services depends on the type and size of the event.
  • Piletitasku’s commission for services includes all related bank transfer and card payment fees, creation of a seating chart, inputting of events, accounting, and marketing in Piletitasku’s advertising spaces - visibility on delfi.ee and in hard copy publications by Delfi Meedia.
  • Piletitasku makes relevant payment to the organizer within five working days after taking place of the event.