Piletitasku electronic gift cards are available in the form of digital cards. All digital gift cards can be redeemed from e-shop: piletitasku.ee. The expiry date is specified on a gift card.

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Terms and Conditions of Piletitasku Electronic Gift Cards

  1. These are terms and conditions of Piletitasku electronic gift cards. Delfi Meedia AS, registration number 10586863, registered office Narva mnt 13, Tallinn 10151, is the owner of Piletitasku trademark (Terms and Conditions).
  2. Electronic gift cards can be purchased at the e-shop www.piletitasku.ee. Gift cards can also be ordered by e-mail by sending a request with the payer's details to [email protected] address. After an electronic gift card is purchased online, it is sent in a PDF format to the purchaser’s e-mail address.
  3. The minimal value of an electronic gift card is EUR 15.
  4. If the purchase amount exceeds the amount available on an electronic gift card, the shortfall amount can be paid: online by a payment card or via Internet banking system.
  5. If any commission fee (fee for using the e-shop (incl. VAT), additional charge, etc.) is applied to a purchase, it is automatically covered from the balance of an electronic gift card.
  6. The amount of an electronic gift card does not have to be spent in one purchase. The unused amount remains on the card until the expiry date.
  7. Electronic gft cards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  8. Electronic gift cards cannot be used for purchasing other electronic gift cards.
  9. The expiry date of an electronic gift card is one calendar year from the date of its purchase.
  10. All electronic gift cards purchased at the e-shop www.piletitasku.ee are Piletitasku electronic gift cards (regardless of their design and visual appearance) and can be used to purchase tickets to any event in the Piletitasku network at the e-shop www.piletitasku.ee. The design and visualisations (e.g., symbols of theatres, organisers or venues) on electronic gift cards are depicted solely for marketing purposes and do not indicate the organiser of an event or impose any obligations thereon.
  11. With a gift card, you can buy tickets to events that are active and available at the time of purchase.
  12. Electronic gift cards are not personalised, they can be used by any person holding the respective electronic gift card. To ensure the accounting of respective transactions, when purchasing tickets at the e-shop www.piletitasku.ee, Piletitasku has information about both the person who purchased the electronic gift card as well as the person who uses it for purchasing tickets. For more information about the aspects of personal data processing, see the Privacy Policy.
  13. When buying an electronic gift card, by the fact of the purchase of the electronic gift card the purchaser certifies that he/she has become acquainted with these terms and conditions, agrees thereto and undertakes to observe them, as well as certifies that he/she has become acquainted with the Privacy Policy when buying tickets at the e-shop www.piletitasku.ee. If an electronic gift card is handed over to a third party, the person who hands over the electronic gift card undertakes to inform the person who has accepted the electronic gift card about these terms and conditions.
  14. The expiry date and balance of an electronic gift card can be verified by writing to Piletitasku e-mail [email protected].
  15. Delfi Meedia AS has the right to amend these terms and conditions. The current edition of these terms and conditions is published at www.piletitasku.ee