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Rakvere Funkfest 2021

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Информация о мероприятии

OÜ Trajektoor

Rakvere Funkfest is a brand-new phenomenon in the festival landscape that is unfolded this summer with a one-day superprogramme!

The festival will showcase some of the funkiest live bands including funk-friends’ favourite Lexsoul Dancemachine, a hit-factory Gram-Of-Fun, an avid funk promoter Arg Part and an alternative funkmaster Kenors.

In addition to funk-lovers, the event will bring joy to the fans of the legendary Genialistid as Rakvere Funkfest will revive the much-loved music of the grouping with a tribute concert.

The idea to bring the grooviest festival of the summer to life arose from the fans’ overpowering desire to groove in the rhythm of live music in the summery Rakvere Vallimägi which has freshly been given a brand-new and exceptional look.

Tickets are limited until further notice from the Government of Estonia. Hurry up to get tickets and ensure yourself and your friends the grooviest experience of the summer! The tickets will have a particularly fan-friendly price during the first week of the sale :)


∙ 12€ - Extra-Early Bird (until 1.06)
∙ 15€ - Early Bird (until 1.07)
∙ 19€ - Regular (until 23.07)
∙ 24€ - On the Day (24.07)



Цена билетов
15 €
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