Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horror

At the opening of the Saksa Kevad, the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg with guest conductor Christian Köhler will perform with a live-music concert for the silent-film-classic “Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror” in the large hall of the Estonian Music and Theater Academy.

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Please note that the entrance to the Great Hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater is on Sakala Street.

"Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horror" is a film adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula and was filmed in 1922. The film is not only a milestone of German expressionism, but also one of the first horror movies worldwide. With its dark atmosphere and the groundbreaking idea of vampires' fear of light, which director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau introduced to the film world, this silent film laid the foundations for the horror genre. Despite Bram Stoker's widow's attempt to have all copies of the film destroyed for legal reasons, a few survived, so "Nosferatu" continues to captivate audiences till today.

The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, originally founded in the UFA studios in 1918, has played an important role in Germany's film history. Since then, the orchestra has continued to develop and is now a renowned ensemble in the world of film music. It has contributed to over 1,000 film music and 500 CD productions, including works for well-known films and artists such as Hans Zimmer and Max Richter. It has an extensive performing history with more than 1,000 concerts worldwide, including performances in Los Angeles, Mumbai and Berlin. The orchestra also regularly takes part in major events and television galas, such as the Classic Open Air in Berlin.

Christian Köhler began his musical training with a focus on the trombone before deciding to study conducting in 2004. During his studies he received additional lessons from Vince Mendoza, principal conductor of the Metropole Orkest. Köhler has gained experience as an assistant conductor and musician in various musical productions. Since 2011 he has been the youngest chief conductor of a German police orchestra and regularly appears as a guest conductor with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, with whom he records music for well-known production companies and broadcasters.

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