2024 IIHF U18 World Ice Hockey Championship Division I Group B tournament: Estonia vs Italy

The Estonian U18 youth national team will take part in the IIHF U18 
World Ice Hockey Championship Division I Group B tournament, which will 
be held in Tallinn, from April 14 to 20, in the Tondiraba Ice Hall, 
where the opponents are France, Slovenia, Italy, South Korea and 
The winner of the tournament will advance to the A group of the U18 WC-I 
division I for the next year, and the last one will fall to the A group 
of the II division.
We welcome all ice hockey fans to join the Estonian youth team!

Tournament schedule:

12:30 LTU-FRA
16:00 EST-ITA
19:30 KOR-SLO

12:30 ITA-LTU
16:00 FRA-KOR
19:30 SLO-EST

12:30 SLO-ITA
16:00 LTU-KOR
19:30 FRA-EST

12:30 ITA-FRA
16:00 SLO-LTU
19:30 KOR-EST

12:30 FRA-SLO
16:00 EST-LTU
19:30 ITA-KOR

Ticket price information:

Price 01.01-31.03

Price 01.-14.04

Prices at the arena

Discounted tickets are valid for students, seniors and wheelchair seats.

Entry to the tournament is free for children under 7 years of age (including), but this does not guarantee a seat in the hall.

Wheelchair seats are located behind sectors A4 and B1, the attendant can enter the event for free and his seats are located in sector A4 and B1, row 7, seats 1-7. You can buy wheelchair tickets by writing to [email protected]. Entrance with a wheelchair ticket is through the main door.

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