J-Fest 2023: Showcase edition ja Battle

J-Fest 2023 is one of the biggest dance festivals in baltics, where dancers from all over the world come together to present different styles on a grand stage and battle towards the title of the champion. J-Fest was started in 2019 and at that moment we focused mainly on urban dance styles. Since then we have grown a lot and this year we are ready to present three whole events. Each one will have it’s signature J-Fest spice to it giving dancers a chance to choose the style of their choice. 

J-Fest 2023 Showcase edition takes place on 25.03 at Jõhvi Kontserdimaja. At this event you will see different teams competing with each other to find out which is the best. Greatest teams from all over Baltics will come together to showcase their skills on a grand stage. 

J-Fest 2023: Battle takes place on 25.03 at Jõhvi Kontserdimaja. At this event dancers can compete solo or in duos between each other to find the champion of each category. Spectators have an unique opportunity to be as close to the dancer as it gets, offering everything to get emerged into the dancing. 

J-Fest 2023 x Tingz Ball takes place on 06.05 in Paavli 7, Tallinn. Vogue culture unites dance, fashion, style and seduction all into one spectacular show. Biggest names from all over the world will come together and battle for the grand prize. 

Ticket information
FULL PASS for all events 25 eur. Pre-sale ends on 22.03
Showcase edition and Battle: EARLY BIRD TICKET until 10.03 -price 10 eur
From 11.03 – price 15 eur. Pre-sale ends on 22.03
Children up to 7 years (including) FREE
J-Fest x Tingz Ball – age limit: after 22:00 only 18+
Ticket 15 eur. Pre-sale until 27.04
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