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Anne & Stiil conference “Sinu elu. Sinu reeglid. Sina loed”

September 4, 2021 11:00 AM
Noblessneri Nobeli saal

 Tallinn, Noblessneri valukoda

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Anne & Stiil is organizing a conference “Sinu elu. Sinu reeglid. Sina loed”, which aims to give women the motivation, will, energy and courage to set goals for themselves and create their own journey to achieve them.
Anne & Stiil values and encourages the modern woman to live life according to her own rules, make the choices she has always dreamed of, and step out of her comfort zone.
This Saturday is a great opportunity to take time for yourself and set new perspectives for the autumn season and also for the future. We want to bring the knowledge that being a woman is not an obstacle to anything to our visitors, life is limitless and we create it only ourselves - we are the main characters of our lives. People with very different stories and goals perform on stage.

Event schedule and speakers: www.annestiil.ee/konverents



Tickets from 59 Eur

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